IROAD FRONT/REAR HD 2 channel in-car camera

Connect it to Wi-Fi, watch live-screen on your smartphone



Play front/Rear view live images and saved recordings via wifi

Change settings, automatic firmware update via wifi

Automatic memory card recovery function

IROAD V7 – OverView
• FRONT:HD(1280x720p), 30Frame, REAR:HD(1280x720p) 30Frame
• A20 DUAL CORE CPU Embedded, provides stable 2channel images
• 2CH REAL HD CMOS image sensor camera
• Wi-Fi:watching live front/rear view on smartphone. settings, firmware auto update using dedicated mobile application.
• Built-in voltage control(uninterrupted power):prevent battery discharge Automatic switch to parking mode
• 132 degrees wide viewing angle & high sensitive 3 axis impact sensor
• Memory card auto recovery auto format
• car attack alert/external GPS antenna


Wi-Fi Connection

Front/rear hd+hd, 2 channel in-car camera with wifi function



Wi-Fi function for other existing in-car cameras is rather give users a real hassle and is hard to connect. IROAD V7 provides automatic connection/disconnection function.

(i.e. Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD mobile application, disconnected after exiting the application.)


Now enhanced wifi function IROAD V7 has to offer will relieve users of further complications once connected to wifi, users are able to watch live screen/saved recordings, change settings and automatic firmware update.


IROAD Smart Manager



Automatic Wi-Fi connection& Automatic firmware update

Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly check whether it is updated with the latest version.



Users are able to watch front/rear live screen. Date, time, voltage and travelling speed and GPS info are all shown on the bottom of the screen.


Front & rear recordings playback and saving

Front/Rear recordings can be played using smartphone. The recordings saved in the smartphone can be simply uploaded to Youtube, SNS and more.


Various settings

On the settings in the mobile application, users can steer the following : Resolution, frame, recording mode, sensor sensitivity, time and date, memory capacity allocation and voltage control(uninterrupted power/low voltage cut-off)

HD 30 Frame + HD 30 Frame
Front & rear seamless and smooth recording

IROAD 2CH 60 frame in-car camera

IROAD V7 records high resolution videos at steady 60 frame(30per camera), seamless and smooth ones.

Daytime recording – FRONT (1280×720, 30fps)
Daytime recording – REAR (1280×720, 30fps)
Night recording – FRONT (1280×720, 30fps)
Night recording – REAR (1280×720, 30fps)

More quickly, clearly, secure

Powerful CPU and Sensor for optimal performance

High-end quality hardware specs are essential to run high resolution, high frame recordings. Dual core A20 CPU embedded in IROAD V7 provides superb stability and optimal performance. Together with HD CMOS Image Sensor, enhanced image qualities at daytime and night is realized.


A20 Dual Core CPU


HD CMOS Images Sensor

Protecting saved files is the priority

Saved recordings Auto Recovery function



New method of retaining saved data safely

JDR format, the next generation format system after AVI and MP4 format, is applied to IROAD V7 to improve the security of saved data. Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit and it is much safer than previously used format.


Memory card automatic recovery system

Keep saved data safe with automatic recovery function Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a sd memory card is reinserted onto the camera.


No need to format memory card regularly

JDR format does not require deleting the whole files in a memory card regularly, whereas other existing in-car cameras do require it. Automatic rebooting function which IROAD V7 provides guarantees the safety of the device and its saved data.

Users can activate/deactivate this function on the settings menu from the pc viewer and smartphone.


Maximizing storage capacity

Up until very recently, there were some wasted gaps in a memory card as data is saved in the form of blocks in even size. The new method which IROAD T7 adapts saves data in a way that exactly matches the amount of data used. There is no wasted memory now. Space is automatically allocated by adjusting the amount of data to be saved.

IROAD genuine memory card

High capacity Micro SD card


Every single IROAD genuine memory card have passed very strict internal quality control process which help safe saving.
Please use our genuine memory card (mlc class10)

Memory Card Contents


It usually takes 3 to 5 minutes depending on the capacity of memory card when the memory card is inserted onto the front camera for the first time or after format for checking and data creation. After that, new folders and setup file for the dedicated viewer will be shown as above.

Recording time for each memory capacity

Recording time can be manipulated by changing recording resolution(1280x702p or 800x450p) and frame(5 up to 30). The recording times below is for normal recording.


2CH 1280x720p 30FPS : About 5H
2CH 1280x720p 10FPS : About 8H


2CH 1280x720p 30FPS : About 10H
2CH 1280x720p 10FPS : About 16H


2CH 1280x720p 30FPS : About 20H
2CH 1280x720p 10FPS : About 32H

Various recording modes

Steady and stable recording methods


Normal(Driving) Recording

Uninterrupted recording is initiated when the engine is on.


Impact(Event) Recording

Impact recording is initiated from the point when the impact sensor of the camera detects any impact.


Parking(Motion) Recording

Parking mode is initiated when a car is stationary for 10 minutes and return to driving mode once the car is on the move. Select motion detection on the settings if you want to record only when motion is detected while parking.

24H Parking Mode (Motion detection)

Safe recording enabled with built-in low voltage control function


Parking mode is activated after 10 minutes since the engine is off. The device start recording automatically

If motion detection is selected, the sensor detects motions from front and rear side of a vehicle and records them. It will later inform you by voice saying “Event occurred while parking.”

Parking mode is automatically deactivated once the voltage drops below certain point.

Battery Discharge Prevention Function

Low voltage cut-off function(uninterrupted power) is embedded


For the purpose of battery protection, IROAD V7 automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point. Once initiated, recording is stopped and power is turned off. The motion detection function is effective for saving battery.

If you do not drive often or have very old battery which has to be replaced soon, please turn on the engine frequently to recharge the car battery before using 24 hour recording. This way will surely prevent the possibility of battery discharge.
If the car is parked for long term, please disconnect the power jack to avoid natural discharge.


Sophisticated Design

Classy black sf coating and metal matte coating


Restrained lines and curves, together with the quality of material used for IROAD V7, all these contributed to its future-oriented look. The exterior design of the area around lens is sophisticated with black high glossy and matte coating.


Steady and firm cradle is transparent so that its color matches with the interior of any vehicle and the device.

Simple and Efficient HD Rear Camera Design


Simple circle shaped rear camera rotates 360 degrees with a transparent cradle as its center. The camera is specifically designed for a back window which minimizes distortion. Security LED is embedded to check whether the camera is operating.

132 Degrees Viewing Angle, Wide View Supported

Optimal viewing angle, watch distortion-free images


Even wider viewing angle of IROAD V7 enables better recording for accident scenes and is wide enough for the best left/right distortion-free images.

Blue sky

Dedicated PC Viewer for More Focused Monitoring

New IROAD Wi-Fi Exclusive PC Viewer

Easy watch and play recordings on the dedicated pc viewer. What you can do with the viewer : Front/rear recordings playback, check travelling speed, GPS information, adjust settings and configuration

Its installation file is included in a memory card provided. (Automatic creation followed by rebooting). Alternatively, download it from the official website.


Front & Rear Images Playback

Use PIP(picture in picture function) to watch front and rear images simultaneously and you can enlarge or contract the split screen.


Image Zoom In

Zoom in up to x3 to take a closer look at surroundings and other cars’ plate number.

Right click and drag a mouse to use the magnifying glass.


Night Recording Calibration

Convert night images into low level light, closer to black/white, to check the surroundings on the images clearly.


Drawing a Traffic Lane

Able to draw lanes in whichever way you want. Apply the changed lane to a image to check information in regard to lane departure.


Converting Recording Files

Recorded files can be converted into jpeg, bmp, avi, jdr and more format. AVI format is widely used and it is useful especially when submitting recordings as a proof of accident to the police.



Various System Configuration

Able to adjust resolution, storage capacity, audio, time, time zone, voltage control and more from the settings on the pc viewer


34 kinds of voice guidance High quality voice recording

34 kinds of voice guidance inform users the operational status of the device


You will hear such things as Start recording, event occurred, connected wifi etc. from the voice guidance that inform you each time something changes. The high quality microphone is embedded in the device and it is useful as an evidence for an accident.


External GPS

Synched with google map, External GPS keeps track of travelling speed and location of a moving vehicle and record the information.


All Glass Lens, The Strong One.

The lens of the camera used is covered with all glass and they endure low and high temperature and are not affected by them. Optimal image is realized by ALL glass covered lens which endures both low and high temperature, instead of glass plus plastic combined one.


Heating & Radio Frequency Interference Minimized

The exterior of the cameras and materials used for them were designed in a way that they can endure very low and high temperatures. Compatibility with other devices are enhanced by minimizing radio interference caused by digital signals from front and rear cameras.


Firmware, Viewer Auto-Update

Automatic firmware upgrade is initiated via Wi-Fi. Think it as your smartphone. No more hassle from updating the cameras.


About the Device


[1]Front camera(Lens) [2]Front security LED

[3]Front transparent cradle [4]Cradle screw

[5]GPS LED [6]REC CED [7]Microphone

[8]Wi-Fi registration button(voice recording on/off button)

[9]Speaker hole [10]Wi-Fi dongle slot

[11] Micro SD slot [12]DC-IN slot

[13]External GPS slot [14]Rear camera slot

[15]Rear camera lens [16]Rear camera security LED

[17]Rear transparent cradle [18]Front camera connecting slot



ModelIROAD V7 Wi-Fi
Image Sensor2.3Mega Pixel CMOS Images Sensor
Resolution/Frame/Viewing angleFront:1280×720 / 30fps , Rear:1280×720 / 30fps , 132Degrees
Wi-FiExternal WIFI supported – Smartphone playback and settings, firmware auto-update
Wi-Fi buttonSmartphone registration standby mode On/Off, Voice recording On/Off
Audio InputMicrophone embedded
Video/Audio CompressionH.264 / ADPCM
Vibration sensor3 axis acceleration sensor (recording initiated by external impact)
Voice Guidance(speaker)Effect sound for informing operational status and voice guidance supported
External GPS SensorSynched with google map, keep track of location and travelling speed
Storage MediumMicro SD 4GB ~ 64GB (recommended type MLC Class10)
Recording ModesUninterrupted(driving)mode, Event(impact)mode, Parking(motion detection) mode, Voice recording
Constant Power(low voltage cut-off)Constant power(low voltage cut-off) : constant power(low voltage cut-off) function embedded
PowerDC 12V ~ 24V
Operating temperature/Humidity-20 ~ 70 C (storage temperature : -20 ~ 90 C) / 10 ~ 95%
ViewerIROAD V7 dedicated viewer: Windows Xp, VISTA, Win7, Win8 (32Bit ~ 64Bit supported)
ApplicationIROAD App(Android 2.3 and higher version, iOS 5.0 and higher version)



Product Overview

What's in the box


Front camera


Front transparent cradle


Rear camera


Genuine 16gb memory card


Rear camera cable


Cigar power jack


User manual


double-sided tape(spare)




genuine 32/64gb memory card


uninterrupted fuse cable


wifi usb dongle


GPS external antenna