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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

7 Steps when there is a problem with connecting the rear camera

1. Turn off the engine

2. Unplug the power cable linked to the front camera

3. Unplug the rear camera cable connected to the front camera

4. Plug the rear camera cable back to the front camera(make sure the cable is firmly slided onto is the slot

5. Plug the power cable back t the front camera

6. Turn on the engine

7. Record for 10 minutes, then check the recordings from rear camera on the dedicated viewer

Rear camera is not recorded

You can only watch footages from the rear camera on the dedicated PC viewer

(Except the models with a touch screen)

Setting time and date from dedicated viewer

Take out the SD card from the device and then

Put in into a card reader, then insert the reader onto your PC.

In settings on the viewer, please tick ‘System time set’ and press save button

(Please do not tick ‘Time zone’ box)

Once all that is done, please insert your SD card back to the device and turn it on.

Please set the time in the settings few minutes ahead considering your travelling time from your pc to your car

You do not need to reset the time and date after the SD card is formatted

Hearing buzz that sounds like ‘ding-dong’ while driving?

As an impact detection sensor is embedded in the device, it operates when it senses your car taking a curve, passing speed bumps etc. LED light would blink with buzz.

The device is in perfect working order, so do not worry about the buzz.

In case you feel the buzz is disturbing, you may deactivate the buzz and effect sound by unticking the related boxes in settings via the dedicated viewer

Hearing female voice repeatedly?

Please take out the sd card from the camera, insert onto pc and then format the card.

For the safety of device, it is recommended to format the sd card every 2 weeks

The product turns off soon even when the constant power safety device is used

Although the product has been connected to the constant power cable, discharge occurs.’ tags=’Power’]
Please make sure to connect ACC line(red) to the fuse that is on when the engine begins to operate.

Please make sure to connect B+ line(yellow) to the fuse that is on even when the engine stops.

GND(black) is connected to the vehicle. (It should be connected to the steel part of the vehicle, not to the bolt which is connected to the plastic part.)

Second, it is strong advisable to check the status of vehicle battery deterioration.

(For compact cars, it is recommended to use time settings rather than voltage settings in winter because battery capacity is not big.

If there are any problems even after your checking by using two methods above, please send the product to our service cener. Then we will check the constant power cable and replace it with a new one.

If the product is connected to the constant power cable, does no discharge occur?

If the product is connected to the constant power cable, does no discharge occur?’ tags=’Power’]
The constant power cable for IRoad Black Box blocks before battery discharge and then get turned off so that no electricity is spent.

It is right to say that no discharge occurs sticking to the principle above. But low temperature in the winter season may lead to natural discharge depending on the status of the battery customers use.

It is strongly recommended to replace the battery and use the product for surveillance purposes, if you have used the battery for 2 or 3 years.

0 kilobyte files are created in the memory card.

0 kilobyte files are created in the memory card’ tags=’Product’]
0 kilobyte files are created when files are broken because of the incomplete writing of the last file that is responsible for the removal of the memory card being recognized by the product

Therefore, it is advisable to get familiar with the problem in order to prevent it.

The product turns off soon even when the constant power safety device is used

Although the constant power safetly device was used, if the product is switched off not lasting even for a day, then it needs checking

It is recommended for customers who have recently bought the battery to recharge the battery enough and decrease the blocking voltage of the constant power by one step lower than current one.

Car Camera turns off suddenly while I am driving

There are some who experience this phenomenon among those who use the constant power cable.

This is a problem caused by the vehicle over-consuming current from the battery.

During driving at winter night turning on the vehicle\’s heater, headlamps, fog lamps, navigation lamps, the phenomenon like above can occur because excessive use of battery leads to lower battery voltage than set value

In this case it is better to lower voltage value slightly.

Recognition of parking mode on a slope or a curve

In terms of automatic parking switch function, the black box puts together comprehensive information such as shift information and angles of the vehicle\’s stop so as to examine whether the vehicle is is parked.

However, if the vehicle is parked at steep angles like uphill, your black box may not recognize the vehicle is parked

In this case, when the vehicle maintains an angle more than a specified reference value it may misunderstand that an event has occured. So, the switch to the normal parking mode does not occur.

The CAR CAMERA is rebooted.

It may be because of corrupted files among saved ones or bad sectors in the memory card.

Please format the memory card and check whether the same symptoms are reproduced.

How to check whether the memory card has been broken

Windows Start -> Run -> CMD-> CHKDSK drive from the DOS screen: Through this procedure, you can check whether there are broken files in the memory.

For products using SD card, rebooting may occur because the slide switch on the left(write protect) goes down and SD card is not recognized. So, please check this.

For those who use the constant power safety device, please check whether the device repeats shutting down the power repeatedly

Recorded images are out of focus

Images may be blurred by excessive exposure caused by the angle of the black box

Based on the recommended set-up angle, please install the black box so as to be slanted below

Lens can be affected by foreign substances or finger prints and the screen may get blurry because of unclean car windows, or excessive tinting, back light, etc.

As to the left and right focus, lens are manufactured based on center focusing so that wide-angle lens may have the left and right deviation.

For a more detailed review, please send us the problem-related video via e-mail(corvitsg@gmail.com) and then we will contact you.

If you find it inconvenient to use our product, please make a follow-up service reservation through the customer support center. We will implement a lens test for our products.

There is a noise in recording sounds

The black box magnifies indoor sound in order to record crisp sound. So, though there is not sound around, “Ch” sound is recorded. It is normal, so do not worry.

If noise prevents interior sound from being heard, please e-mail use with related images attached to it so that the defect of the product can be identified.

How to use the product stably?

1. Wipe the camera lens regularly: they may deteriorate because of fingerprints or foreign matters.

2. Open the car windows clean at the front of the black box regularly because the screen may be blurred by dust

3. Make sure to check whether the black box is working properly before driving.: There may times when it does not work properly because poor contact of the cigar jack or poor recognition of memory card.

4. If you use the constant power, check and format the memory card once in 5-7 days. It is possible to always utilize write and erase functions, but it could strain the memory card. Also, it could be that files in the memory card are cracked due to excessive work. There is a format function in the device itself, so push the “Event” botton for 5 minutes. Then, a messege that says “the memory card will be initialized” pops out and it is formatted.

5. Functionally the black box is operated when connected to the power but overload is not good for the machine. Please increase the stability of the device by givinjg it a break.

6. Please separate the power jack from the black box when by using the constant power you leave the vehicle unused for a long time.:Due to the current consumption of the black box the vehicle battery may be drained.

Sounds are not recorded.

Voice recording does not work when the function is not checked in the viewer environment settings

If you briefly push the mode button on the body, you can turn on or off the voice recording

Sometimes you might push the mode button so that voice recording is off. In this case, though voice recording is checked in the environment settings, please make sure to briefly push the mode button again so that voice recording is on.

Is the product available for a tinted car?

Infrared and ultraviolet blocking rates have no influence, but visible light ratio(dark or pale seen from outside) influence the image quality a lot.

Dark tinting leads to a problem of dark videos

If the front window has been tinted very dark, it is recommended to remove the tinted part before the black box lens

Is a household AC adapter usable?

Our IRoad Black Box is a product for cars and it is not recommended to use a household AC adapter

Why should the genuine memory card be used?

Memory card’s internal controller and NAND flash are different depending on manufacturers.

Through lots of tests, JAEWONCNC IROAD genuine memory card has become compatible with CAR CAMERA devices.

Memory card is a storage device that plays a very crucial part in a black box and should have durability and speed enough to be able to withstand readings/writings repeated every few seconds.

JAEWONCNC IROAD genuine memory card is a product that boasts class 10 speed and durability approximately 10-20 times as superior as others owing to durable internal controller and memory.

If you use memory cards other than the genuine memory card, we cannot guarantee the quality and there are constraints in follow-up services

JAEWONCNC IROAD genuine memory card is a product that boasts class 10 speed and durability approximately 10-20 times as superior as others owing to durable internal controller and memory.

If you use memory cards other than the genuine memory card, we cannot guarantee the quality and there are constraints in follow-up services

External GPS antenna does not receive signals well.

Reception may be poor due to interference if you install the external GPS antenna too near the equipment.
Please attach external GPS antenna at the upper left and right side of the front window if you have installed the black box at the middle of the vehicle(behind the rear-view mirror).

How to use and install constant power cable(POWER LINKERS)?



9-step voltage and 4-step time settings can be adjusted according to characteristics of users and vehicles.

Output voltage cut-off settings
Automatic shutdown is activated when reaching the stage before battery discharge

Output Voltage Cutoff Timer settings