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FINALLY,IT REALEASED IROAD T9   More concerns People try to equip a car with Dash camera to avoid get an undeserved property loss through unexpected accidents. But it is not an easy decision purchasing Dash Camera whenface up to the reality that becomes more expensive to buy Dash Camera. It is not wholly welcome. Of […]

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Review IROAD A9 – navinside 1920x1080p FHD 60Frame – high speed cinematography IROAD A9 PLEBEIAN COME INTO WIDE USE DASHCAM Nowadays, there are already so many Dashcams are supplied in the market. If someone who has a mind to get a Dashcam to find searching through an internet, they always consider too diverse kinds of Dashcam […]

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Review IROAD T10 – navinside Various demands In car camera which is one of the most developing IT gadgets in automobile sector in three years. Its market has been growing rapidly as a result of that some of car accident scenes were released by presses and people feel in necessity of it, and also some […]

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Review IROAD V9 – navinside Do you want something good? It is a fact that driving without a car-camera somehow makes us anxious these days. One of the reasons is that we do not know when and where an accident might occur, which would get us into trouble. Added to that, people not be willing […]

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The eye catching in-car camera all the time, now comes back with Wi-Fi capability   in-car cameras got to be way more comfortable How well an in-car camera records is no longer a issue. Every single in-car camera has a recording function. Today, consumers consider other aspects of the cameras, which is how comfortable it […]

Review IROAD T7 – navinside

Optimal performance car DVR at an affordable price, IROAD T7 There are too many car DVRs out there More than 200 different kind of car DVRs have been released in Korea. As car DVR market is rapidly growing, many private enterprises jumped onto the market, but most of them ended up getting nothing but loss. […]

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